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Let's Bounce.

Art splurge. Just wanted to draw the sea. 

We all got a place we want to be.

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Anonymous Asked:
I apologize if someone has already asked you this, but do you take commissions, and if so, what would be the price range? Your art is absolutely gorgeous.

My answer:

No need to apologize man! ERMERGERD thanks for the compliment and thank you for your interest! Unfortunately I am currently closed, but I do plan on opening them starting September 3rd, on a first come first serve basis. I just need a couple of days to make some up-to-date commission samples and pricing! So stay tuned!! :D

YAS to more sketch pictures! Once again, kudos to einiv for covering up my horrible photography skerrizles.

Just like the previous sketch post, just working on some more character designs for upcoming project. Practicing drawing hot guys and hot girls.  

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Man, gotta love traditional inking. My go to medium. Anyways, finally got around to designing wolves for an upcoming project..More news on it soon!

Credit to einiv for the photography porn. see that blurry action thing goin on in the back??? I was never great at using a camera.

Eva Unit 2! Hopefully I can pump out an Eva Unit 0 for some upcoming conventions!


So VIZ Media finally started talking about GANGSTA. on Twitter today. The above images were taken from their promo tweets. Their plugs were as follows.

- "We have Gangsta, our new VIZ Sig series in the office! If you love badass men and gritty stories this one’s for you!" (x)

- "No french flaps, but we do have the color inserts." (In response to a fan question.) (x)

- "Meet Nic, one of the Handymen in Gangsta. Talks in sign language and sometimes his voice. Talks better with his sword." (x)

- "Meet Worick, the other Handyman from Gangsta. He’s the mouth of the outfit with a sexy side job and mysterious past." (x)

- "A great cast was introduced in Gangsta, Vol. 1. Look forward to the series debut in February!" (x)

YAAASSSS I love this manga. Gonna definitely buy this.

Anonymous Asked:
Hello! I have the unit 01 print from last year and bought the unit 02 print this year at anime expo. Any chance you'll be making a unit 00 print next year? :)

My answer:

Thank you for your continued support!!! And yes! I will hopefully have a unit 00 next year!


When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like



All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected

This was another print I had for Anime Expo 2014! I think I draw Howl too much (luuuuuls). But it’s a good practice, away from landscapes and robots.

Badda-BING! Badda-BOOM! Just a place to upload works as I please!


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