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What if it only gets colder.

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I am looking to hire a colorist for my new webcomic The Glass Scientists!

Coming from an animation background, my art style favors simple, clean cell-shading, limited color palates, and economy of visual storytelling- elaborate, finely rendered oil paintings will not mesh well with my lineart! The value/color work for the comic needs to emphasize character acting and help each image read quickly and clearly (good use of contrast to make the important elements of a shot “pop”).

I will, however, need a colorist with a good sense of lighting for tone and setting! I will be providing lighting thumbnails (and occasionally color keys) for each shot set up, but I need someone will be able to carry that intention through to finished pieces!

You will be paid on a per-page basis at one page per week, though I may bump that up to 2 pages per week for the beginning of chapter 1 or for special events.I’m looking to start in the beginning of October.

Here are some examples of styles similar to what I am looking for: 'Kill Switch Engage', Blindsprings, and Gravity Falls. Also, please see these sample pages from my short comic Bleeding Heart for an idea of the kind of linework I do:

(Note: Since I work on the show, it’s kind of inevitable that I would look to the gorgeous color work on Gravity Falls- I don’t expect something that crazy detailed, of course, but it is worth noting that the crazy amount of variety found in GF backgrounds are accomplished with three fairly simple layers: a cell-shaded flats layer, a shadow layer set to multiply, and a simple light glow layer.)

If you are interested, or if you know someone you would recommend, send me an Ask or email me at glitterygothic (at) gmail.com ! Please include samples of your work. For my first chapter, I am especially looking for examples of night-time scenes and use of limited color palate!

Reblogging for evening tumbls!

To those who have already applied: Thank you! I am in the process of getting back to everyone right now. :)

To all those who are color wizards!! Good opportunity right hurrrr~~

Awesome tips

Hozier, you just got another fan. Love all of their songs. 

AAAYE!! So this is long overdue, but I have updated my STORE with my latest 2014 prints. Most of these are just left-overs from conventions, so they are limited in supply. So help yourself to some SUPER EARLY gift shopping for the holidays (haha)! 

As stated above I have a few new products.


11x17 prints: $15 USD

9x17 prints: $12 USD


Two 11x17 prints for $24 USD

If interested, feel free to click the following link:


Thanks for the continued support, and stay classy! :DDDD

"What time is it?!!"


Another print I made for Anime Expo 2014. I thought I’d blend both AT with Japanese Yankee’s hohoho


Higher Sky- Eric Cheng-

Dang…I wanna learn animation.

The bird is cool, but gotta stick to my zodiac.


Scan Preparation!

Enjoy this video I made for you demonstrating how I use Photoshop process scanned comic-book line art to get it ready for lettering and colouring and generally Being A Real Comic Book.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sucking rough blue sketches out from underneath clean black line art
  2. Knocking out line art to give it transparent negative space (more useful than simply setting a line-art layer to the “Multiply” blend mode)
  3. Adding tidy-but-not-too-clean panel borders

Found a really helpful video on creating comic pages without inking (traditionally and digitally)! ! !

Man I wish I found this sooner, could have pumped out pages much faster luls 

Art splurge. Just wanted to draw the sea. 

We all got a place we want to be.

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Anonymous Asked:
I apologize if someone has already asked you this, but do you take commissions, and if so, what would be the price range? Your art is absolutely gorgeous.

My answer:

No need to apologize man! ERMERGERD thanks for the compliment and thank you for your interest! Unfortunately I am currently closed, but I do plan on opening them starting September 3rd, on a first come first serve basis. I just need a couple of days to make some up-to-date commission samples and pricing! So stay tuned!! :D

Badda-BING! Badda-BOOM! Just a place to upload works as I please!


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