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trying to be a part of conversations like


for reals though

I don’t even know what manga to read anymore. Like, Naruto is my all time fave. Besides Hellsing (which also ended) and One Piece. Like, EF, man. Guess it’s down to One Piece…

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Inktober Day 06!

Man, been slackin’….Another development piece. RESTAURANT DUEL. 

InkTober Day 03

Oh man, went a little too crazy with this one. Finished at like, 12:45 and got to lazy to post it yesterday.

Anyways, thought I’d take the opportunity to draw some concept stuff for the comic i’m currently developing. Also threw in the sketch version and a close up version just for kicks.

I will upload day 04 later today!

InkTober Day 02  l   Featuring "Free! Eternal Summer"

I watched one random “Free!” episode, and Sousuke is too OP. Immediate favorite character.

Sorry, couldn’t draw anything more detailed. No time today….OTL

I love October. It’s great. Also thought I’d finally try out InkTober, thanks to Einiv

More info on InkTober here!


What if it only gets colder.

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I am looking to hire a colorist for my new webcomic The Glass Scientists!

Coming from an animation background, my art style favors simple, clean cell-shading, limited color palates, and economy of visual storytelling- elaborate, finely rendered oil paintings will not mesh well with my lineart! The value/color work for the comic needs to emphasize character acting and help each image read quickly and clearly (good use of contrast to make the important elements of a shot “pop”).

I will, however, need a colorist with a good sense of lighting for tone and setting! I will be providing lighting thumbnails (and occasionally color keys) for each shot set up, but I need someone will be able to carry that intention through to finished pieces!

You will be paid on a per-page basis at one page per week, though I may bump that up to 2 pages per week for the beginning of chapter 1 or for special events.I’m looking to start in the beginning of October.

Here are some examples of styles similar to what I am looking for: 'Kill Switch Engage', Blindsprings, and Gravity Falls. Also, please see these sample pages from my short comic Bleeding Heart for an idea of the kind of linework I do:

(Note: Since I work on the show, it’s kind of inevitable that I would look to the gorgeous color work on Gravity Falls- I don’t expect something that crazy detailed, of course, but it is worth noting that the crazy amount of variety found in GF backgrounds are accomplished with three fairly simple layers: a cell-shaded flats layer, a shadow layer set to multiply, and a simple light glow layer.)

If you are interested, or if you know someone you would recommend, send me an Ask or email me at glitterygothic (at) gmail.com ! Please include samples of your work. For my first chapter, I am especially looking for examples of night-time scenes and use of limited color palate!

Reblogging for evening tumbls!

To those who have already applied: Thank you! I am in the process of getting back to everyone right now. :)

To all those who are color wizards!! Good opportunity right hurrrr~~

Awesome tips

Hozier, you just got another fan. Love all of their songs. 

Badda-BING! Badda-BOOM! Just a place to upload works as I please!


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